LinkedIn Gets LEGO Logo

Adam Nash has built an impressive model of the LinkedIn logo out of LEGO for the social network’s Mountain View,CA headquarters. Standing about four feet tall, the model consists of more than 12,000 bricks. Requiring extensive planning and over 20 hours to build, the entire process Nash went through is documented on his blog.

Source: Quora

One thought on “LinkedIn Gets LEGO Logo

  1. […] Google Chrome recently turned four years old and the team behind it celebrated the occasion by building a LEGO logo of the world’s leading web browser. Measuring 5 by 5 feet and featuring more than 10,000bricks, the logo mosaic was designed by LEGO artist and former LEGO master model designer Mariann Asanuma. 30 to 40  Chrome employees participated in the building event, which took roughly two hours, on top of the work put in by Mariann Asanuma planning the mosaic. But Google isn’t the only internet company building LEGO logos. LinkedIn has too. […]

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