Steel Battalion Maintains High Price Tag with Latest Release

Steel Battalion has long been known as the premier Mecha simulation game, ever since the games original release in late 2002 on the XBOX by Capcom. The original game carried a  $200 price tag due to the massive 40 button controller included with each copy and it appears that the third game in the franchise, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, will be surpassing its predecessors high price point. The Limited Edition version of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is set to cost about $420 or about ¥35,000. But surprisingly, a controller is not included, you will have to purchase the standard edition to get the Kinect peripheral used by the game. The Limited Edition though, does include a jacket, a helmet, a messenger bag, the games soundtrack, a book about the game and the game as well. The game is set to be released in June.

Source: Mecha Damashii

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