Royal Mail to Introduce Comical Stamps

Royal Mail is marking the 75th anniversary of The United Kingdom’s longest running comic, The Dandy, by releasing stamps based on series. Other classic comic book characters including Desperate Dan, Dennis The Menace and Judge Dread will also be part of the assortment of stamps released by Royal Mail. To purchase stamps or just to learn more about them, check out Royal Mail’s Official Website.

Source: The Sun

Life Size Gundam to Renew Watch Over Tokyo

Starting this spring, a life sized Gundam RX-78-2 will be standing at Diver City Tokyo (Odaiba, Tokyo) in front of a Gundam Cafe. The unofficial mascot of the Gundam franchise, the RX-78-2, is expected to be in place till March 2013.The 59 foot tall statue was built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Gundam franchise and was previously stationed at Shiokaze Park,which is also located in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Source: Gundam Guy

Steel Battalion Maintains High Price Tag with Latest Release

Steel Battalion has long been known as the premier Mecha simulation game, ever since the games original release in late 2002 on the XBOX by Capcom. The original game carried a  $200 price tag due to the massive 40 button controller included with each copy and it appears that the third game in the franchise, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, will be surpassing its predecessors high price point. The Limited Edition version of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is set to cost about $420 or about ¥35,000. But surprisingly, a controller is not included, you will have to purchase the standard edition to get the Kinect peripheral used by the game. The Limited Edition though, does include a jacket, a helmet, a messenger bag, the games soundtrack, a book about the game and the game as well. The game is set to be released in June.

Source: Mecha Damashii

Brand New Sim City on the Way

2013 will see the arrival of a new Sim City game from publisher EA and developer Maxis, according to an announcement at the Game Developers Conference. The last Sim City title, Sim City 4, came out 9 years ago and Maxis hopes to improve upon it  by expanding the simulation aspect of the game at every level, whether that be a individual Sim, the vehicle they are driving or the building they are inside of. New, multi-player features, are also set to be included in game with players have the ability to affect other cities as well as the having the ability to work together to create structures that are helpful to multiple cities. The game is currently available for pre-order from Origin.


Jeremy Lin Gets Vinylized

Leading bobble head and pop culture collectible manufacturer Funko is now expanding its POP! lineup to include NBA inspired vinyl figures. Jeremy Lin is presumably the flag ship figure of the first series of NBA POP! figures, but he will also joined by other basketball superstars as well, including: Lebron James, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Pau Gasol, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge, and Derrick Rose. Funko NBA Series 1 POP! figures are expected out in late April, 2012.

Source: Plastic and Plush

Classic Cartoons Strike Back

Throughout the years, Thundercats and Voltron have been mainstays of the 80’s cartoon scene. Despite their age, both series have been re-imagined and redrawn and are now on the airwaves for a younger generation to see, and based their initial success, they will be around for a while. Thundercats will soon start broadcasting its second season on the 24th of March on cartoon network at 9:30 AM.

Voltron Force, the updated version of the classic 80s show, will premiere new episodes every Wednesday at 8 PM on Nicktoons.

Source: MTV Geek! (1,2)

Back to the Future in A LEGO DeLorean

Another LEGO CUUSOO project, A DeLorean from the Back to the Future movie franchise, is raising eyebrows, and that too with only a bit over 5,000 supporters. In fact, the project already has a LEGO designer working on developing the concept further, the same designer who helped to bring two other LEGO CUUSOO projects to life, the Shinkai 6500 and the Minecraft Micro World .  LEGO has already commented that “Given the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future is coming up in 2015 we see the potential of some BTTF commemorative LEGO models”.  What this all means is still yet to be known, but, details are bound to emerge as the project moves towards (and hopefully gathers) 10,000 supporters.