New LEGO The Lord of the Rings Box Art

New box art for the new The Lord of the Rings theme has appeared on Lord of the Brick. The theme is set to launch alongside the move, The Hobbit,in the Summer of 2012. The new lineup of The Lord of the Rings sets has t been highly anticipated and may turn out to be the first theme to give LEGO Star Wars a run for its money.

Gandalf Arrives – 9469

Shelob Attacks – 9470

The Mines of Moria – 9473

The Battle Of Helm’s Deep – 9474

A Mill with a Million Bricks

15 mills, 1 million bricks, 35 feet long and 8 feet wide. These numbers represent the aspirations of two LEGO fans, Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman, from Halifax,England to build a scale model of the Dean Clough mill complex, a prominent feature of the area. 3 mills have already been created with the use of 200,000 LEGO elements. Expected to be competed by 2014 or 2015, the project is set to eventually consume more than a million bricks.

Source: Halifax Courier

The Batmobile…Soon to be Available in 1/6th Scale

A 1/6th scale Batman, nothing out of the ordinary. A 1/6th scale Batmobile from Hot Toys that runs 39 inches long? Well, that might stick out just a bit. Based on the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 film Batman, this monstrosity of a vehicle features working headlights, pop-up machine guns and most impressively, a sliding cockpit. With a price tag of $629.99, the Batmobile will be available in May, 2013 and can be pre-ordered from Sideshow Collectibles website.

Source: Tomopop

Put Down Your Gun and Skateboard

At least that’s what the little green plastic army men decided to do. AJ’s Toy Boarders represents these former plastic soldiers skating, with surfing and snowboarding varieties on the way. Each pack of AJ’s Toy Boarders includes 24 figures in 8 different poses. At $4.99 a pack, they are an affordable way to turn any nook or cranny of a home into a skate park for newly pacified green plastic army men.

My Dollhouse is Leed Certified

Ever felt like your Dollhouse was not Eco-friendly enough? New York based outfit brinca dada may have the solution with their line of dollhouses and related accessories. Some of their dollhouses, (such as the emerson pictured above), have lights powered by solar panels. It addition many of dollhouses are made of eco-friendly wood’s such as bamboo and painted with non-toxic lead free paints. But that’s not all, brinca dada goes even further with environmental stewardship having some of its homes, such as the Bennett house,  constructed out of CARB-certified woods. But of course, since saving the environment is not free, these dollhouses start at $129 and go up from there. Find out more at the company’s official website.