Batman and Superman to Protect Minifigs from Evil-Doers

The first official pictures of the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes line have been released and as expected Batman will be making a return to the LEGO universe. Superman will be accompanying this time around as well in a brand new line of sets. The Batman sets appear to be very similar to the Batman sets previously released by LEGO, such as the Batwing Battle over Gotham City – 6863 , pictured above. Other sets in the line include: 

The Batcave – 6860

Superman vs Power Armour Lex – 6862

Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase – 6864

Catwoman Catcycle City Chase – 6858

Upon  the release of the above images, many a cry were heard from eBay sellers who may potentially no longer be able to sell the previous line up of LEGO Batman sets for ten times their retail value due to their scarcity, which is bound to be eased with the release of DC Universe Super Heroes theme.

Source: BrickHeroes