LEGO Calling to the Faraway Towns

What do the The Clash and a 40 foot tall LEGO Christmas Tree have in common? Their relation to the City of London! A Christmas tree consisting of 600,000 bricks has just gone up inside of London’s St Pancras International train station.  Not surprisingly, it is the tallest LEGO Christmas Tree to ever be built and is decked out with 1200 baubles. The tree will reside in the main hall of the train station on the first floor.

Source: The Guardian

L.A.W and Order

No, not the TV show , but rather a post-nuclear action MMOG entitled L.A.W – Living After War. Join the battle between a nature-based faction called “nak” and mankind for 5 critical resources in PvP battles of up to a 1000 players! The game is also set to provide RTS elements for players to keep game play interesting. While the free to play game will be launching early next year, a closed beta will began in the near future. To find out more about the game and to sign up for the closed beta, visit L.A.W’s official website.

Batman and Superman to Protect Minifigs from Evil-Doers

The first official pictures of the LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes line have been released and as expected Batman will be making a return to the LEGO universe. Superman will be accompanying this time around as well in a brand new line of sets. The Batman sets appear to be very similar to the Batman sets previously released by LEGO, such as the Batwing Battle over Gotham City – 6863 , pictured above. Other sets in the line include: Read More »

Naboo In The Palm Of Your Hand

LEGO Star Wars Planet Sets will soon be available. The line currently consists of three sets, each with a minifigure, a planet and a mini Star Wars model. Technically, only two of the models are actually planets, Naboo and Tatooine. The Death Star on the other hand is more of a space station / planet destroyer.  The line is slated to include: Read More »

The Answer My Friend Is Blowing In The Wind

Our beloved LEGO has pledged to obtain 25% of the power it consumes from Wind Energy. This, in turn, will not only allow the Danish company to help the environment and beef up its green cred, but to use the WindMade label in its marketing efforts as well. In all, 15 companies from 15 different industries have made a similar pledge as well, including the likes of Motorola and Deutsche Bank. Of course, LEGO’s relationship with wind power should come as no surprise to AFOLs as the company previous partnered with Danish wind power giant Vestas to create a LEGO windmill set.

Source: BusinessWeek , The Brothers Brick (Picture)

Anatomy of a LEGO Minifigure

Thought all LEGO Minifigures were made out of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene? Well, you may be mistaken. Some may be just as real as we are as demonstrated by the anatomical depiction of a smiling ( as usual) LEGO Minifigure.

Source: imgur