LEGO Friends To Continue Into 2015

LEGO Friends has grown into a massive success for The LEGO Group. The sets have shown tremendous amount of diversity in the scenes, settings, buildings and vehicles they depict. It seems now that the upcoming LEGO Friends sets actually have better sets for a city setting than even the LEGO City theme does. The following leaked pictures showcase some of the LEGO Friends set we can expect to see in 2015:

Source: Bloks Forum

LEGO Staples Get A Redesign

Leaked Images of two upcoming LEGO sets now sport a logo of a new theme: Classic. The new sets are very similar to the box of bricks and gray baseplate that LEGO re-releases on a regular basis. Expect to see the two new sets in 2015.

Source: Bloks Forum

More Disney Princess Sets To Be Released in 2015

The leaks continue with set images of two more Disney Princess LEGO sets having surfaced. The sets are centered around Ariel from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid and Elsa from Disney’s recent hit movie: Frozen. The two sets include:

Expect to see both sets out next year.

Source: Bloks Forum

Bionicle To Relaunch In 2015

Featuring a very similar lineup seen during the original launch of the theme in 2001, Bionicle will be returning to store shelves and e-commerce warehouses across the world starting next year. Thirteen images of Bionicle sets have been leaked and showcase the revamped characters we all previously came to know and love. Gone however, is the canister many Bionicle fans became accustomed to, in which each set was packed. The new Bionicle sets for 2015 include:

Source: Bloks Forum

LEGO Elves To Make Their Debut in 2015

LEGO will be releasing a new fantasy inspired theme in 2015 based upon the styling of LEGO Friends. The sets will feature mini-doll figures as seen in the LEGO Friends and LEGO Disney Princess themes. Thus far, six images of sets from the LEGO Elves theme have been leaked, they include:

Price points for some of the sets have also surfaced, pricing them between $19.99 to $99.99.

Source: Bloks Forum

Mega Bloks To Release Massive Halo Signature Series Set

Mega Bloks Halo Covenant Scarab

October will see the release of a massive 3340 piece Mega Bloks Halo Signature Series set, the Covenant Scarab. The set will be available at Toys R Us but whether it will be exclusive to the store is still yet unknown. The Covenant Scarab will be joining other high piece count Mega Blok Set releases such as the Forward Unto Dawn and the UNSC Mammoth.

Source: Mega Bloks Collectors

LEGO Pirates To Make A Comeback in 2015

After a nearly six year absence, LEGO Pirates will be returning as a LEGO theme in 2015. Thus far, pictures of five different LEGO Pirates sets have been leaked.  The upcoming Pirates line will likely include:


Given the spelling error on the box of  70413 (“Pirats Ship” instead of “Pirate’s Ship”), the sets may not have yet been finalized yet.

Source: Bloks Forum

Springfield In Block Form

LEGO Springfield Layout - Pepa QuinWith the recent release of the Simpson’s Evergreen Terrace residence as a LEGO set (which arguably came 20 years too late), there has been a resurgence in the building of creations inspired by the animated family’s hometown of Springfield. Matt De Lanoy, also known as Pepa Quin, has built an impressive layout of Springfield (pictured above) featuring everything from the Android’s Dungeon, to Moes to the Kwik-E-Mart. The impressive layout features an impressive amount of detail including a replica for the Springfield tire fire and Bart sawing off Jebediah Springfield’s head.

The Simpsons Layout - Orion Pax

German build Alex Jones, also known as Orion Pax, has also created Springfield in LEGO form. Featuring a style inspired by The Simpsons: Tapped Out, notable buildings in the layout include the Springfield Police station and Lard Lad’s Donuts. While LEGO may not release the entirety of Springfield in set form, both Quin and Pax have shown how well the setting of America’s longest running sitcom can be built.